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Intel’s Xeon D-1571 is a 16-core SoC with a 45W TDP

Intel Xeon D

Intel is readying a new SoC in its Xeon D family of hardware, dubbed the D-1571. The highlight with the x86-based SoC is that it offers 16 Braswell 14nm cores, twice as that of the existing flagship, the D-1451. The D-1571 is clocked lower at 1.30GHz, but it comes with 24MB L3 cache. All this for a quoted TDP of 45W, making it an ideal SoC for usage in datacenters and microservers.

The D-1571 offers hyperthreading as well, with the ability to run 32 concurrent threads. There’s no mention if the SoC will offer Turbo Boost. Intel will price the D-1571 at $1,222.

Source: CPU World

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