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Intel’s latest roadmap shows where Broadwell and Haswell are going

Intel’s U, Y and H series of chips to get the Broadwell architecture while the M series will stay with Haswell.


A new roadmap from Intel obtained by VR-Zone shows the chipmaker will be primarily focusing on Ultrabook and “2-in-1” devices at the expensive of the desktop market.

The anchor for Intel’s desktop efforts on 2014 will be the Z97, which will be based on a refreshed Haswell architecture.  Intel is also planning to launch Ivy Bridge – E in September, which should take the architecture to the 4.0 GHz level on turbo. Come H2 2014, its forecasted that Intel will refresh the channel with Haswell-E that features DDR4.

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From what we can tell, Intel will still use the LGA 1150 pin for 2013-2014.

Intel’s U and Y series of chips will have SATA 3 and USB 3 support, as expected.

This roadmap reinforces the fact that Intel is pushing hard towards the mobile sector. The PC market is shrinking fast, and Intel is all too aware of this. Its presence at Computex was defined by its push into ARM’s territory: tablets and in the near future smartphones.

If Intel wants to take on ARM it will need to lower the TDP of its mobile chips. Its making some inroads with 14 nm Haswell and Broadwell, but ARM still seems to be a step ahead with the IP in its pipeline. Intel is pushing the fact that its Crescent Bay platform on its Broadwell architecture has sub-5W TDP, is fanless and has a battery life of 10 hours for web browsing or 8 hours of 1080p video watching.

Once devices with Intel’s new mobile chips hit the market, we’ll see how they perform against ARM’s best offerings. For Intel, a lot is riding on the success of these chips so expect nothing but a fight as it tries to win market share away from ARM.


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