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Intel’s Horse Canyon NUC (Core i5 & USB 3.0) sighted

Plenty of gems to be unearthed at every IDF,  you'll just have to be alert enough to spot them.

While not officially launched yet, Horse Canyon DC53427HYE (based on the Rend Lake motherboard) attempts to address two shortcomings on the current NUC (Next Unit of Computing) models –

  • Much more potent IVB Core i5 3427U (allowing up to 2.8GHz boost rather than being stuck at 1.8GHz on the i3 models, and vPro support for businesses too)
  • USB 3.0 port at the front (that was already supported by the QS77 PCH) for high speed transfers.

The three display outputs (dual DP 1.1 and single HDMI 1.4) should also allow for more multi-monitor usage models, including 4K/Quad HD if the drivers work.

Lets hope the marketing boffins at Intel remember that buyers don't want to pay more for this than the functionally similar Apple Mac Mini, especially when they are virtually polar opposites in looks…

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