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Intel’s 9-series chipsets will support Broadwell

Documents obtained by VR-Zone show Intel’s upcoming 9-series chips will be Broadwell oriented and have a number of slight changes from Haswell that will cause headaches for motherboard vendors. 


Though Intel’s Haswell silicon still has that factory fresh smell, Chipzilla is already working through the planning stages of the 9-series chipset that will succeed it.

Intel’s 9-series is nowhere close to launching yet as it’s expected sometime in the second half of 2014.


While Haswell and the Broadwell-powered 9-series will share the LGA1150 socket, there will be a number of slight changes between the two. The most notable changes are in the V_PROC_IO connection, as it requires a 1.05V power source, VCCST, because of a new type of power supply required, and to THRMTRIP because of a slightly different chip topology. This presents a number of backwards compatibility issues, and means that only motherboards that support refreshed Haswell will be compatible with the 9-series Broadwell chips.


As far as memory bus goes, there is a divide between a batch of leaked information that the platform will support DDR3, and another batch of information that says the chip will support DDR 4. In contrast, AMD will have to wait until Carrizo comes out in 2015 to have a DDR4 compatible chip on the market.

One thing that can be confirmed is that the 9-series will support SATA Express.

More information is expected in the coming months.


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