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Intel X79 Roadmap leaked

Roadmap of the new X79 platform leaked. The successor of X58 is coming.

Chinese site it.com.cn has got their hands on newest roadmap of the Intel X79 platform. According to the site and roadmap, X79 will be the successor to the three year old then X58 platform in Q4 2011. As many have already known, the new processors will be called the "Sandy Bridge E" series and will be seen with 2011 land grids, therefore compatible with X79 motherboards of socket LGA2011.


Major improvements were to be seen in X79. Rumours were certain that the new platform and CPUs will beat the current flagship Intel Core i7-990X hands down. Revealing even more information from Intel's roadmap were some features to be seen in X79 as shown below.

The new processors will only be available in four cores or six cores and expected to have a larger cache memory than current processors. X79 will support quad channel DDR3 memory and native support of memory speeds up to 2666MHz. These information are hard to believe but possible.

Those currently on the P67 platform will know that a internal clock generator will largely limit BCLK overclocking. Sad to say, based on the source, the clock generator of Sandy Bridge E series will again be within the CPU. However, these are just rumours and should not be taken to heart.

PCI interface will totally be removed from the X79 chipset while on the other hand, up to 10 native SATA 6Gbps interface will be available with a total number of possible SATA ports at 14. In order to have more bandwidth for the DMI Interface(or whatever name Intel wants to name it in the new platform), an additional PCI-E 2.0 x4 can directed to it making a total bandwidth of 8GB/s. On a side note, USB3.0 will not be there and only enabled via an external controller such as one from NEC. SAS capabilities with 8 of the SATA ports is a good thing to be seen on the new platform as well.

A high end platform can't be complete without sufficient graphics bandwidth and on the X79, there will be at least 32 PCI-Express 2.0 lanes. So similar to X58, graphics can run at dual x16 or quad x8.

With all the advantages in X79, many who were looking forward to technology such as PCI-E 3.0 as well as Intel ThunderBolt were saddened with the fact that they will not be featured.

The only thing skeptical about X79 is its overclocking capabilities. The overclocking community would not want to know that X79 cannot scale well with sub zero temperatures. With disappointing P67 on this aspect, we can only wait until the actual release date arrives and try it out ourselves.


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