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Intel unveils Core i7 990X Extreme Edition processor


Intel has unveiled their new flagship six-core processor for the desktop, the Coire i7 990X Extreme Edition. While no official announcement has been made, the new CPU is expected to retail approximately at US$1,050.

Hardware enthusiasts rejoice. The Intel's flagship six-core desktop CPU, the Core i7 990X Extreme Edition, is available for purchase online. However, don't expect the price to be affordable though; it retails around US$1,050 with shipping.

According to online sources, the 990X Extreme Edition comes unlocked and has a 12MB L3 cache. Built on 32nm manufacturing process, the CPU is clocked at 3.46GHz (3.6GHz Turbo Boost) and has 130W TDP. While Intel has not made official announcement about the launch of the chip, we expect the news to be out fairly soon. For the smart buyers, it seems like the 980X may be the better buy, though it is only $50 lesser than the 990X. Of course, that price tag could drop in time.

Source: Maximum PC

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