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Intel to show Ivy Bridge at Computex, AMD should launch Llano

Chinese New Year is over and news about upcoming processors have started once again thanks to Digitimes. The latest rumours indicate that we might end up seeing new processors from both Intel and AMD during Computex this year, which starts on 31 May.

It's unlikely that Intel will actually launch its 22nm Ivy Bridge processor platform at Computex as current roadmaps are pointing towards a 2012 introduction. But Intel has been known to move processor launches earlier if necessary. At the moment, Intel has no reason to do so, but it all comes down to how competitive AMD's Llano APUs will be, which coincidentally should also be launched around Computex too.

AMD is said to be shipping its Llano APU to OEM/ODM customers in May which suggests a Computex launch, especially as the chip maker has sped up its production of its new APU. The timing should be ideal for AMD as Computex is a great launch platform for new products due to many of its partners attending the show and also the massive media coverage for the show.

Even though we're just four months away from Computex, it's already starting to look like it'll be an interesting show with many high profile announcements this year. We will, of course, be on location to bring you all the latest details from the show.

Source: Digitimes

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