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Intel to Release Romley platform, 8-core Sandy Bridge-EP at CeBIT 2012

Intel Sandy Bridge-E finally becomes an -EP, with all eight CPU cores activated and 20MB of L3 cache.

On this years’ CES 2012 conference in Las Vegas, we spoke with several vendors of commercial products and the main product for them in first quarter will (finally) be the long awaited arrival of SNB-EP and Romley.

The new workstation/server platform will bring the aging X58 based Tylersberg chipset platform to its end and be succeded by X79 based Romley.

The X79 Romley is getting a nice feature and performance update in the terms of features the company had to disable for the launch of X79 and Core i7-3000 series processors. For starters, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) makes a debut. That is one move that will make a lot of specialized controller vendors shiver, since they base their business upon selling the PCIe-based SAS RAID cards.

If we add to boot that Intel will support TRIM inside RAID0 array with the new RST, the need for SAS controllers might become thing of the past. Then again, we’ll see if Intel learned their lesson on scaling, since it was quite easy to saturate the available bandwidth with four SSDs on the Intel chipsets of the past.

Not to mention the enabled two more processing cores and the missing 5MB of L3 cache from the Core i7-3800 processors, meaning we’re heading into wonderful world of octal-core processors and CPU dies with 20MB of cache and more.

 We have wrote more about Romley in excellent coverage by our own Nebojsa Novakovic here and here.

The platform is expected to finally launch with the first day of CeBIT, on March 6, 2012. You can expect a tidal wave of news from that show, only two months from now.

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