Cypress Cove architecture on 11th Gen Intel Core S-Series Rocket Lake chips

Slated for availability in early 2021, Intel’s 11th Gen Intel Core S-series Rocket Lake desktop processors have been announced to receive Cypress Cove cores. This new architecture uses Ice Lake core design but with the manufacturing process ported back from 10nm to 14nm and combined with Tiger Lake graphics architecture. 

Cypress Cove improvments

A slightly more affordable and power-efficient version of their flagship chips, the new Rocket Lake processors will be available in i5, i7 and i9 versions. It will boast improved clock speeds along with a slew of improvements:

  • Double digit-percent Instructions Per Clock improvements
  • Enhanced Intel UHD Graphics with Xe architecture for 50% higher performance vs 9th Gen integrated graphics
  • New media encoders for HEVC, SCC and AV1
  • Improved memory controller with boosted speeds up to DDR4-3200
  • New low-latency PCIe Gen 4 CPU
  • Increased CPU PCIe lanes to up to 20 Gen 4 lanes with support for SSD and Discrete Graphics Direct CPU Attach
  • Improved AI performance with Intel Deep Learning Boost with Virtual Network-to-Network Interface 

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