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Intel Skylake GT4e integrated graphics to be 50% faster than Broadwell GT3e


As we head closer to the official launch of Intel’s next-generation Skylake chips, more details regarding the platform have started to appear. A few weeks back we came across the first benchmarks of the desktop Skylake i7-6700K processor and today an internal presentation slide shows the improvements to the integrated graphics.

According to the leaked slide, the SKylake integrated GT4e graphics will be about 50% faster than the previous-gen Broadwell GT3e integrated graphics. The 50% performance gain is claimed to be when comparing the GT4e and GT3e in the 3DMark 11 benchmark. The Skylake chip used for the comparison boasts of 45W TDP while the Broadwell chip has a higher 47W TDP.


The GT4e is of course going to be the flagship integrated graphics in Skulake H quad-core CPUs meant for notebooks. It is expected to have 72 execution units and 128MB edram. Other improvements claimed in the slide include up to 60% lower SOC power consumption and up to 35% longer HD video playback

Intel Skylake-S chips for desktops are expected to debut before the end of the year while Skylake-H chips for notebooks are expected to arrive next year.

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