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Intel resumes shipments of faulty 6-series chipsets to OEMs with one specific condition

Remember that whole hoo-ha Intel caused among OEMs, system builders and enthusiasts last week when it found out about the major blunder it made to the design of its 6-series Coguar Point chipsets? Well, it turns out that the chip giant has decided that decided to resume shipment of the affected chipsets to OEMs, but only if the latter fulfills a certain condition.

As most would have already been aware, Intel's PR personnel were having the time of their lives attempting to perform damage control after the news of the defect in its 6-series Cougar Point chipsets was made public. Needless to say, this led to a abrupt halt on all shipments of the affected chipset. Until today, that is: the chip giant has just announced that it intends to resume the shipment of the affected chipsets , but with a catch.

Simply put, Intel knows that it has a reputation to uphold, and having to deal with hordes of angry consumers whose machines are experiencing premature hardware failures is definitely not going to do itself any favors for its corporate image. As such, the company has just announced in a press release that the affected chipsets will only be shipped to OEMs who are "committed to shipping the Intel 6 Series Chipset in PC system configurations that are not impacted by the design issue will be receiving these shipments".

This means that OEMs which want to make use of the faulty chipsets for their PCs have the responsibility of ensuring that the machines are configured in such a way its boards do not sport connectors interfacing the faulty Cougar Point part. Examples of such implementations include making use of the chipsets in 'closed' configurations such as notebooks, or in the case of desktop configurations, installing a PCIe SATA card to provide additional SATA ports.

Only when these conditions are met will Intel allow the respective OEMs to continue receiving shipments of the 6-series Cougar Point chipsets.

Source: Intel

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