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Intel releases Windows and Android cross-platform development tool INDE

The Integrated Native Development Experience toolset allows developers to write code for both Windows and Android on x86 platforms.

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Intel is struggling to get stakeholders excited about x86 in tablets, be it Android or Windows. Part of the reason is the dominance of ARM, and the lack of incentive for app makers to port their apps to x86 due to its limited market share in the mobile ecosystem. Now Intel is trying to change that with its new Integrated Native Development Experience (INDE) development platform, the follow up to its previous Beacon Mountain platform.

While Beacon Mountain only focused on Android, INDE has expanded its libraries to include support for Windows. There’s a full gauntlet of tools, debuggers, libraries and compilers available for the Windows platform written in-house by Intel.


INDE is currently in beta, and can be found at Intel’s developers’ zone page.

For x86 to gain more ground in the mobile space, a robust set of cross-platform development tools need to be available. Intel needs more than just contra revenue (which has gone past the billion dollar mark with negligible results) to incentivize the proliferation of x86 in the mobile ecosystem. INDE is a good effort on the part of Intel, but Intel will need more than this going forward if it wants to hit the lofty targets laid out by its CEO Brian Kraznich.

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