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Intel notebooks may soon hit $200

Intel's CEO and chief product officer reveals notebook prices may soon go as low as $200, but that these will likely run Android, as opposed to Windows 8.

Intel CEO Paul Otelini revealed recently that notebooks may cost as little as $200 in the near future. He didn't specify the operating system such a notebook would be running, but now Vice President and chief product officer Dadi Perlmutter has chimed in, revealing to CNET on Wednesday that such a computer would predominately be running on Android with Intel's Atom processor. He didn't say that a $200 Windows 8 notebook was out of the question either, but the price for such a computer would largely depend on Microsoft. "We have a good technology that enables a very cost-effective price point," Perlmutter said. "[The cost] depends on how Microsoft prices Windows 8. It may be a slightly higher price point."

Dadi Perlmutter


As Intel is facing a slowdown in the market, the chip maker has been pushing new types of computers. Intel is especially pushing convertibles, notebooks which can be converted into tablets depending on the user's need. The $200 Android notebook Intel has been talking about may indeed be a convertible device as well. Perlmutter revealed during the interview with CNET that he believes the PC market, which has been in a slump recently, will pick up during the second half of the year as more products become available.


Further, Intel has revealed that though the cheapest laptops will use Intel's Atom chips, their mainstream Core chips will sell in laptops for as little as $399-$499. Perlmutter has explained that data-only, and voice-over multimode LTE processors will begin shipping by mid-year, increasing the potential applications for their processors. Qualcomm largely dominates the mobile market simply because they already use such chips.

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