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Intel may power the next version of Google Glass


Google’s next iteration of Project Glass will purportedly run on Intel’s mobile offering.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the folks tinkering in Google’s lab will double up the amount of ram in its Glass gadget.  However, that’s not the only bit of interesting news about Google’s take on augmented reality.  Purportedly, Google is looking into using Intel as the main driving force for Project Glass.

Intel has been trying to crack the mobile nut for quite some time and with little success, but there’s an emerging trend in the wearable department and Intel is hoping that this is their Trojan horse.  We don’t know much about what Intel is cooking up for Google, but if battery life is of any concern we’re expecting the partnership to be built on energy consumption.

Google is aiming to turn Project Glass into a product that will enhance the work environment by having information available in front of people at all time.  Intel also took a stab at the wearable segment recently with the release of the MICA bracelet, but fashion was the primary focus.  The partnership between Google and Intel might usher in a new era in which products such as the Google Glass will last more than a day or two with average usage.

It’s an exciting time for gadget lovers, and products such as the smartwatches are bound to get better over times.  Lets hope we don’t have to wait around too long for these things to evolve and become consumer ready.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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