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Intel lists Haswell refresh part prices

44 refreshed chips to be launched, with 27 to be used on the desktop and the rest for notebook and mobile devices.


Intel has listed the prices and part details for its upcoming Haswell refresh, putting availability of the new chips in the timeframe of a few weeks.

The majority of the listed chips only got a slight bump in clock speed by 100 MHz, but some of the mobile Haswell SKUs got clock speed increases between 100 to 200 MHz. On the high-end of the desktop list is the quad-core Core i7-4790, clocked at 3.6 GHz and priced at $303.

Intel’s refreshed Haswell desktop lineup
The refreshed mobile lineup
The refreshed mobile lineup

While these individual parts may be available in the coming weeks, the requisite Z97 series motherboard will not be available until May 11.

Where’s Devil’s Canyon?


One notable absence from the otherwise mundane list is Devil’s Canyon. While Devil’s Canyon is also Haswell based, Intel marketed the chip at its GDC unveiling towards overclockers highlighting the chip’s improved thermal interface material (TIM) which makes heat dissipation much more efficient.

In all likelihood Devil’s Canyon will make an appearance at June’s Computex in Taipei.

For its part Intel responded with the standard “We don’t comment on rumors or speculation” when approached on the topic. Intel maintains that the new Haswell SKUs would launch “mid-year” but did not specify a date. It does seem odd that Intel would chose to launch this product less than a month before Computex, unless it has something big planned for the show.

Source: Tech Powerup

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