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Intel Launches Core i7 in Singapore

Intel officially launched its Core i7 processor in Singapore on Tuesday evening. VR-Zone gives you the heads up…

Intel launched its latest Core i7 microprocessor in Singapore today at the top of the world. Well, not really, but the 70th storey of the Swissotel The Stamford hotel in the center of town is probably close enough, and perhaps also befitting of a product that currently holds the performance crown.

Intel Country Manager Patrick Liew gave a short presentation on the key features of Core i7.

Intel’s Lionel Lee compared the Core i7 Extreme 965 to the most powerful Core 2 Extreme processor of the previous generation architecture using the video encoding software from Cyberlink. Unsurprisingly, the older processor was left in the dust.

Several manufacturers and OEMs had set up demonstration systems incorporating Core i7 processors. MSI brought along a rig enclosed (or not) in an Antec Skeleton:

Nothing less than a flashy XPS system from Dell.

Acer’s system was decidedly muted in comparison to the others…

And lastly, Pluto’s “Detroit-7” system:

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