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Intel Core i7-6500U Skylake chip gets benchmarked, results disappoint


As more manufacturers begin rolling out Skylake based notebooks, the first benchmarks of the 15W Intel Core i7-6500U have surfaced online. Unlike its desktop counterparts, the mobile Skylake CPU doesn’t really impress much.

Initial benchmarks of the CPU have been posted by the website Laptop Media, showing very little difference in benchmark performance compared to the i7-5500U Broadwell chip. This has been confirmed by Notebookcheck.net sources as well.

When looking at the Cinebench R11.5 – CPU Multi 64Bit test, the i7-6500U engineering sample performs better than the Broadwell i7-5500U processor by a small margin.

While CPU performance may not be very impressive, it is mainly the integrated graphics that is likely to impress. So if you plan to get a Skylake Ultrabook soon, don’t expect to see a major jump in CPU performance. You can however expect to see a good improvement as far as graphics performance goes.

Sources: Laptop Media, Notebookcheck.net

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