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Intel Core i7-3970X Arrives in Q4: Report

Intel will launch its first socket LGA2011 client processor in months, in Q4-2012. The Core i7-3970X Extreme will take charge as the company's next flagship client processor, and it's yet another "speed-bump."

Intel's next flagship client processor in the LGA2011 package will arrive in Q4, according to a DonanimHaber report. The Core i7-3970X Extreme will pick up the mantle from the current i7-3960X. 

The Core i7-3970X Extreme, according to report, could ship with clock speeds of 3.50 GHz, with maximum Turbo Boost clock speed of 4.00 GHz. Being an Extreme Edition SKU, it will ship with unlocked base-clock multipliers, making overclocking it a breeze. 

Based on the same 32 nm "Sandy Bridge-E" silicon as its predecessor, the Core i7-3970X Extreme will pack 6 cores, with HyperThreading enabling 12 logical CPUs for the operating system to deal with. The chip will be configured to have 15 MB last-level cache. It packs a quad-channel DDR3 integrated memory controller, supporting up to 64 GB of DDR3-1600 MHz memory (higher memory speeds possible with overclocking).

What's also likely is that the new i7-3970X Extreme could displace the i7-3960X from its price, leading to its gradual phase-out from the market. 

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