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Intel confirms Skylake “complex workload” bug, fix incoming


Intel has confirmed that its latest 6th Generation Skylake Intel Core processors suffer from a bug that causes the processor to hang or exhibit “unpredictable behavior” when running “complex workloads”.

The bug was first discovered by the members over at hardwareluxx.de forums, and later by Mersenne.org. Apparently, running the Prime95 768K on an Intel Core i7-6700K desktop CPU causes it to freeze, but Intel’s statement confirms the issue is not limited to the 6700K alone but affects many other processors as well.

Intel did say that it has identified and fixed the bug, and is currently working with external business partners to roll out fix to users through a BIOS update. No ETA has been provided by the company yet, so it isn’t clear when the fix will become available to end users.

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