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Intel CEO says Windows 8 is still buggy

Microsoft recently released an RTM build of its latest desktop/tablet OS to OEMs, but news of some kinks have surfaced which may worry some early adopters.

Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini reportedly informed employees in Taiwan that there are bugs in Windows 8 that still need to be worked out.  Sixteen million users have participated in the demoing and reviewing the preview release of Windows 8—making it the most tested Microsoft OS in history.  Even so, it’s plausible that Windows 8 will continue to have and develop bugs in the future. 

The Washington-based software maker has about a month to figure out the bugs and kinks Otellini claims Windows 8 has.  Every releases of Microsoft OS have had their shares of bugs and glitches, but if a CEO of the most prominent chip maker has to point it out, then perhaps it’s not something that Microsoft can overlook for the time being.

Apple has seen huge success with its iOS platform in the tablet market, and since personal computing has gone the ways of mobility and touch usability, it’s a no-brainer that Microsoft is trying to follow the same path.

However, if bugs and glitches become an ongoing theme in Windows 8 as it did in Windows Vista, then it will be a huge setback for Microsoft.  The holiday shopping frenzy is quickly approaching, and it’s during this time of the year that people can either like or dislike certain products.

Corporate level computing will probably look at Windows 8 from afar until the OS is ripe enough for picking, but for the daily consumers, we’re hoping that this won’t be another rotten Windows Vista experience. 

We will be in San Francisco to cover the Intel hosted Windows 8 tablet event on September 27, which will feature devices from Samsung, Asus, Acer, HP, Lenovo, and ZTE.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to gain some more insight as to how these “bugs” will affect adopters of Windows 8; if Microsoft does fail to patch them in time for the official Windows 8 launch date on October 26.

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