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Intel CEO puts up brave face against possibility of ARM-based Macs

Says he’s not worried about Apple making the switch.


For its mobile devices Apple uses custom ARM processors but for Macs it has to rely on Intel. For long Intel has provided the crucial component for Apple computers but could there be a day when this relationship will come to an end? Famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo certainly seems to think so. Kuo recently said that within the next couple of years Apple is going to reduce reliance upon Intel and start incorporating its own ARM processors in the Mac lineup.

One would think that this possibility might worry Intel which is going to lose a lot of revenue if it stops supplying majority of the processors to Apple. That’s not the case though it seems. CEO Brian Krzanich in an interview with CNBC put on a brave face against this possibility and didn’t even suggest that his company’s chips would be the better or more powerful option against custom ARM processors for Macs.

Instead Krzanich said he realizes that Apple is going to go with the supplier that provides them the “most amount of capability in innovation,” and that’s what Intel’s goal is. He says that the company’s job is to continue to deliver parts that have the capability and are better than its competitors. “And then they want to use our parts.”

Krzanich says he goal every morning is make sure across the board, be it Apple or Dell or Lenovo, that the company’s customers get the most competitive part that’s leading in performance while being competitive on price and big on reliability.

Source: CNBC

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