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Intel benchmarks Bay Trail-T against imaginary specifications

Intel claims that Bay Trail – T will trounce Samsung’s Exynos 6 and Nvidia’s Tegra 5, but specs for these chips have yet to be officially released.


In an imaginary world, Intel’s Bay Trail will reign supreme against the leading SoCs on the market.

It will demolish Qualcomm’s 8×74 with speeds of 109 percent faster than the venerable platform. It will crush Samsung’s Exynos 6 by a whopping 37 percent, and Nvidia’s Tegra 5 by approximately 40 percent.

There’s just one problem with this: neither Nvidia nor Samsung has announced specs for their respective next-generation SoCs yet. This likely won’t happen until CES or Mobile World Congress.

But that doesn’t stop Intel from guessing.

A slide obtained by VR-Zone from an OEM’s internal presentation comparing the different leading and future SoCs cites “Intel internal testing data” as the source of the information that claims Bay Trail will dominate over all.

When contacted neither Nvidia nor Samsung would provide comment. An Intel representative suggested to “wait for information from an authorized source within Intel”.

In all likelihood Intel is simply projecting specs from their analysis of the credible rumors out there. Or, though it’s unlikely, they could have out-and-out spies in the respective companies feeding back information to Chipzilla.

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