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Intel Atom Cherry Trail chipsets could disappoint, suggest early benchmarks


It looks like Intel’s upcoming Cherry Trail chips may not be very impressive with regards to performance as preliminary benchmarks seem to show tiny improvements in performance over the previous-generation Bay Trail chips.

According to the leaked Geekbench scores, the Intel Cherry Trail platform manages to score around 5 to 8 per cent higher than Bay Trail, which does seem quite disappointing. In the single-core test, the Cherry Trail device managed to score 961, hardly any higher than the 958 scored by Bay Trail powered Dell Venue 11 Pro. The performance gap was slightly wide in the multicore test with the Cherry Trail device managing to score 3279, slightly higher than the 3075 scored by the Dell device.

It should also be noted though that the Cherry Trail device has a higher clock speed of 1.6GHz compared to 1.36GHz on the Bay Trail chipset, so these minor differences seem to be a result of higher clock speeds more than any significant improvements in the architecture.

While the CPU performance seems underwhelming, it is expected that Cherry Trail chips will bring a significant improvement in terms of graphics performance as the Gen8 GPU on the new platform could include up to four times greater number of cores over Bay Trail. Some Cherry Trail SKUs could include a 16-core GPU.

Source: Geekbench



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