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Intel announces Broadwell family of 14nm processors


Intel announced the first Broadwell chipset in the Core M series of chips targeted at fan-less ultrabooks and tablets. The company today announced the more powerful Broadwell chip lineup, targeted at mainstream PCs. The lineup includes Core i3, Core i5 as well as Core i7 models.

These fifth generation Intel Core family of processors use a 14nm process, allowing the chips to be significantly smaller than their Haswell counterparts that were built using a 22nm process. Among the chips announced today are six 15W Broadwell-U chips with HD5500 Graphics, four 15W Broadwell-U chips with HD6000 Graphics and four 28W Broadwell-U chips with the Intel Iris 6100 Graphics. Three lower-end Pentium and Celeron chips were announced as well. These are 15W chips as well and come with Intel HD (Broadwell) Graphics. The chips are targeted at traditional notebooks, 2 in 1s, Ultrabooks, Chromebooks, All-In-One desktop PCs and mini PCs.

Following Intel’s “tick-tock” cycle for their processor lineup, the Broadwell chips do not bring any major improvements in performance. Intel usually releases a new architecture and then shrinks it down to a smaller process the following year. The next major upgrade is expected to arrive later this year in the Intel Skylake architecture. However, that doesn’t mean that these new Broadwell chips brings nothing new. Intel is introducing RealSense technology that allows you to interact with your PC with hand and head movements like wave, swipe, smile and wink. Intel claims that the new Broadwell chips boast of 4 per cent improvement in productivity performance and up to 22 per cent improvement in 3D graphics performance. More impressive is the up to 50 per cent faster video conversion time.

Along with the Broadwell announcement, Intel also announced that it has started shipping its next-generation 14nm Cherry Trail processors for tablets. Cherry Trail chips also come with the new Intel RealSense technology, no wires, no password and Intel Context Aware technology capabilities. The first products using these new chips are expected in the first half of the year.

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