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Instead of AMD’s Radeon HD 7990, PowerColor Set to Debut HD 7970 X2 at Computex?

PowerColor HD 7970X2

Taiwanese and Chinese vendors are not waiting on AMD to release the Radeon HD 7990, and on this years' Computex Taipei, PowerColor is leading the way with a monstrous 7970X2 with 6GB of memory.

According to images which leaked through the XtremeHardware forum, PowerColor is preparing project "Devil 13". Devil 13 is a limited edition of Radeon HD 7970 X2, a triple-slot PCB (Printed Circuit Board) being home to two Tahiti XT ASIC's operating at full 7970 clock.

That's right, HD 7970X2 is a "take no prisoners" board with no less than three 8-pin power connectors, capable of delivering more than half a kilowatt of electricity (150W per connector, plus 75W from the motherboard).

With 525W in play with the standard rail current settings, this board will deliver not just standard 7970 Crossfire experience, but also enable overclocking.

We could not wrestle the information in price from our sources at PowerColor, but expect this board to be priced somewhere above the regular HD 7990 (when it finally arrives, some say in July). The product launch is taking place on Computex Taipei next week, with the availability to follow in late June. One thing is certain, though – this baby will make for one hot summer indeed. Eventual QuadFire configuration with two PowerColor HD 7970 X2s would require six eight pin-connectors, though… good luck in finding a power supply with that much of connectors… can you say 1.5-2KW?

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