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Instagram’s video sharing decimates Vine’s usage in social media

Facebook may have made some bad moves recently, but, so far, its newly added video for Instagram feature seems to be working out well for the social network.

Right from when the video sharing feature for Instagram was launched, it created a buzz amongst social media fanatics that this will affect Vine (also another video sharing service) the most.  As it turns out, many people were right, and Vine saw its sharing service tank.

According to a usage chart generated by the analytic tool Topsy, overall Twitter links to Vine’s domain (vine.co) has dropped dramatically since June 14, and by June 20 the Instagram competitor took an even bigger hit when it lost nearly 40 percent of its links in one day.  When we look at the period from June 15 to June 25, the number for Vine looks even drearier, with the total Twitter links dropping nearly 70 percent.

We know that Vine won’t sit still as it has posted on its blog that it will roll out some “exciting” new features, and that it’ll “be a great summer.”

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