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Instagram user nabs an early PS4, promises to showcase UI tomorrow

One gamer has apparently gotten his hands on an early PS4 Mega Bundle, and to celebrate he has made future plans to delve into the system’s UI.

PS4 early

First @Moonlightswami found an early Xbox One console on his doorstep and proceeded to divulge a flurry of information across the web, detailing Microsoft’s next-gen console with a variety of discussions across Twitter. Swami’s reports have since spread like wildfire across every major gaming and technology network across the web, hitting headlines across the entire gaming sphere.

Now a user by the Instagram handle “longandworthit” will most likely deliver the other side of the next-gen spectrum to the awaiting masses. The user, like Moonlightswami, attained a next-gen console–but of the sleek PS4 variety.

The user reveals he came across the PS4 by way of a “family connection”, and that a video on the console’s user interface is “coming tomorrow”.

Along with the proposed footage we may see longandworthit delve into the PS4’s dynamic range of features, such as Remote Play with the PS Vita and maybe even some info on the game install and play-as-you-download times.

While Microsoft slapped Moonlightswami with a temp-ban from Xbox LIVE, citing various reasons including confidentiality on certain media partnerships and unfinished features, Sony will handle early PS4’s very differently.

Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that the Japanese gaming giant won’t ban users who get their PS4’s early and connect to the PlayStation Network.

It will certainly be interesting to see what information that the Instagram user reveals on the morrow, especially with possibility of answer specific questions via social media networks. With the PS4 Mega Bundle (which includes Killzone: Shadow Fall, an extra DualShock 4 controller and a PS Camera) “longandworthit” will be able to test out a range of the console’s functionality.

Let’s just hope he has a PS Vita to test out Remote Play.

We’ll be sure to update you with more information as it comes to light, and for now we’ll have to wait until tomorrow for more specifics.

Via NeoGAF

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