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Instagram is going to turn an even greater profit this year as it monetises its new feature, Instagram stories. It will be inserting insert ads between photos and videos in  Stories feature, which Vishal Shah, head of product management confirmed on Wednesday.

It was inevitable that ads came to Instagram stories. Considering that it had over 150 million people using it every single day, Stories could turn into an incredibly lucrative platform for ad placement. Similar to Snapchat’s ads, Stories’ new ads will be quite similar, in a sense that these ads are made to look like a regular story.

To start off, Instagram will be running ads from over 30 companies, some of which include Airbnb, Netflix, and General Motors. It will expand this new feature to other advertisers in the upcoming weeks. An Instagram executive mentioned to The New York Times the social media network will monitor feedback from users in order to determine how frequently ads should appear.

“We’ll watch it closely, but I think we’ll introduce it and over time it will be expected just like on home feed—you see the sponsored logo and know ads are just part of the experience,” says James Quarles, VP of Monetization at Instagram.

At least for us end users, these ads won’t be bulky and annoying. They are implemented rather seamlessly in the main feed. They don’t stand out too much more than a normal picture, and they can be quite easily skimmed over.

As the ads start appearing on your Stories feed, you will be notified definitively as there will be a clear indicator to inform you that you’re watching sponsored content. If you don’t like the ads you are being served, you can skip past it.

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