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Inspired by Apple’s success, Facebook reportedly cooks up another Spotify ‘killer’

Could Zuckerberg be looking at a costly acquisition of an already established service in the vein of WhatsApp, or will FB build the Apple Music challenger from the ground up?


Now that Taylor Swift is pleased with the royalty rates paid to writers, producers and artists even during the three-month trial period of Cupertino’s newest tunes streamer, it’s safe to say Tim Cook and his army of skillful engineers have knocked it out of the park again.

Early iOS 8.4 adoption numbers uphold Apple Music’s remarkable potential, and the likes of Spotify, Pandora, Rdio and Deezer sure need to step up their game to keep the promising rookie at arm’s length.

But the growingly competitive online audio playing scene may further, well, grow competitive and crowded before long, as Facebook seems to put smartphone manufacturing plans back on hold and instead explore two key branches of the software landscape.

First, YouTube-contesting video hosting. “FaceTube” (patent pending, don’t steal my brilliant idea) might roll out to frequent social media users as soon as “the next few months”, according to inside sources who were willing to go off the record with British publication Music Ally under anonymity protection.

Apple vs Spotify

These couldn’t (or wouldn’t) confirm many specifics regarding the service, but Mark Zuckerberg probably intends to suck in music rights holders by way of aggressive monetization tactics and lofty intellectual property payouts.

If and only if this succeeds, an audio-centric daughter app should then see daylight next year with particulars and fundamental selling points that are unsurprisingly shrouded in even thicker secrecy.

The most plausible execution method speculated at the moment would have FaceBook develop the music streaming service on its own, despite the costs of a prospective Spotify or especially Rdio purchase feeling like a drop in the ocean compared to the 2012 $1 billion Instagram transaction or last year’s $2B Oculus VR snap. Not to mention WhatsApp’s outlandish $19 billion valuation from 2014.

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