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The Inpatient: Exclusive Release on PlayStation 4 VR

Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) announced the release date of The Inpatient, an exclusive title for the PlayStation 4 VR. The game is set for release on 24th January 2018, pushed back from an initial announced release date of 22nd November 2017, as game developers need more time to ensure the game is at its peak for players to best enjoy.

The Inpatient is a brand-new horror VR game by Supermassive Games. It is set in the Blackwood Sanatorium, over 60 years before the Until Dawn. The game allows the player to don the role of an amnesiac with the goal of finding out their identity and the reason for being in the sanatorium. The Inpatient is extremely re-playable as every action and choice of the player will result in various narrative and endings.

The Inpatient promises to be an absolute thriller. Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Impatient would be available for the PlayStation 4 at SGD49.90 (Blu-ray Disc version) or SGD46.90 digitally.  The game would be available in Chinese, English and Korean, along with Traditional Chinese, English and Korean as subtitle options.


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