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Initial LG G Watch R price and availability details confirmed, more to follow

One of the sleekest, coolest, priciest wearable pieces around, the LG G Watch R, is now confirmed to roll out to store shelves in Korea on October 14.

LG G Watch R

Brace yourself, Motorola, stiff competition is coming. For the beautiful, hard-to-come-by, round-faced Moto 360 smartwatch, that is. No, the Apple Watch isn’t ready yet, and putting the finishing touches on its hardware and design may still take Cupertino a few months.

Instead, it’s LG that’s getting bullish about its wearable prospects, after a fairly hesitant, lackluster debut in the fledgling market. Clearly, the first-gen G Watch isn’t a gadget to remember, and whoever designed the tacky, boxy, gigantic contraption probably got the boot months ago.

Meanwhile, G Watch’s round sibling, the aptly dubbed G Watch R, might well be the closest to a traditional, elegant, retro “dumb” timepiece an “intelligent” wristwatch has ever come. Which is why you should be happy to hear its commercial launch is only one week away.

One week exactly at the time of this writing, albeit South Korea will be the sole market the G Watch R shall go on sale in on the 14th. A worldwide spread is on paper planned for the finishing stages of October, though obviously, it all depends on reception and demand.

G Watch R

As much as you’d be inclined to hate on Motorola for botching up Moto 360’s rollout, mass producing a stylish circle is harder than generating squares, so chances are LG will hit the same snags as their rivals.

As long as people care for the G Watch R as much as they did for the 360, which isn’t really a sure thing. Yes, I’m afraid bleak pricing speculation has panned out, with LG intent on charging the rough equivalent of $330 in its homeland.

Stateside, we expect that to convert into around $300, and on the old continent, €300 is our best guess. Meanwhile, the Moto 360 starts at $250 and €250 respectively. With a laggier processor and, presumably, less stellar battery life, but will early smartwatch adopters care? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Sources: Android Central, LG Korea

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