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Increased Apple Watch demand makes Best Buy ramp up availability

The retailer is selling them like hot cakes.


Apple Watch was released in a very controlled way, the company had a tight grip over the reservation process as well as the online and in-store sales experience. It made sense for the company to step with caution considering the fact that this is its first smartwatch and the first truly new product in quite some time now. Now that supply has eased up online and in Apple Store locations across the globe, the company recently decided to tap Best Buy to start selling the Apple Watch.

Best Buy had confirmed a few weeks back that it will be the first retailer to start selling the Apple Watch, it planned to sell this device through 300 of its retail stores in the United States by the holiday season. It appears though that the retailer can’t stop selling them because soon after the device became available it announces that Apple Watch availability is rapidly being expanded to all 1050 of its retail stores in America.

That’s not all, the retailer is also overhauling close to 750 store-in-store setups that it has with Apple in various locations across the country, these setups first arrived back in 2007 and will now be getting new fixtures and more tables for products such as the Apple Watch as well as the company’s phones and computers.

Source: Forbes

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