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Impressions: ECS eZ Bun – Conference Speakerphone on the Go

The ECS eZ Bun is a nifty little contraption that adds conference speakerphone functionality to your favourite mobile devices while on the go.

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) is one of the largest Taiwanese based OEM/ODM of motherboards and peripherals, best known for its components inside branded PCs and entry retail offerings. Recently they have decided to venture into the rather saturated realm of "mobile widgets", creating nifty little devices like the eZ Bun to target the digital masses.
With the advent of long-range wireless communication and the Internet, more work and meetings can be done on the road rather than only in a traditional office. For these users, it might be useful to carry a companion device to have video conferences with managers or customers.  Since the majority of tablets, smartphones and laptops have less than ideal microphone input and speaker output for these situations (lack of volume and clarity), ECS has made the eZ Bun to address this usage model.

The ECS eZ Bun is a portable video conference speaker and microphone.  Its palm-sized frame allows you to easily carry it around. The ECS eZ system has two similar-looking product models: the eZ Bun and the the eZ Bun BT.  The regular version that uses a micro-USB cable to connect to a Mac or PC, and an included Apple dock connector for the iPad/iPhone.  The BT model has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can avoid the hassle of wires. Battery life is rated up to 10 hours of video conferencing and 4 hours continuous music.


The  idiotproof eZ Bun has only 3 buttons to operate.  The top part with the ECS logo is the microphone receiver button that allows the user to switch between receive and mute.  The center is the phone answer button.  While using an iPhone, you can use the middle button to call or hang up a phone call.  The other button with the eZ Bun lucky charm is the volume control.


At the side of the eZ Bun we find the power button and a micro USB port to charge the device.  Headphone audio output and microphone input is on the other end.


The bundled 2-in-1 cord to attaches to a smart phone or tablet computer.


When attached to a PC or MAC, the appliance is detected as a USB audio device with software volume controls.,

The eZ Bun has many essential features built into its design.  For instance, it can isolate static noise and increase microphone sensitivity.  With an audio receiver range of up to 3 meters, you can have multiple participants in a video conference.


Image and Review Credits: Chinese VR-Zone

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