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Impervious DIY spray makes waterproof iPhones cheaper

A project on Kickstarter introduces an easier and cheaper way to make iPhones waterproof.


Sony’s Xperia Z series may not well have invented the technology, but it sure has sparked the trend of making mobile devices waterproof. There are of course hydrophobic sprays for electronic gadgets already, but most of these often have certain damage risks, as well as added costs. This new project on Kickstarter however, provides us with a safer and cheaper solution, something that’s even easy for us common folk to use.

Impervious waterproofing spray seems quite simple to use. Just lightly spray the entire unit according to the given instructions, and you now have a waterproof iPhone. The developers explain that the spray uses hydrophobic nanoparticles, which provides the intrinsic waterproofing properties. It is fundamentally similar to other hydrophobic sprays, in that the thin microscopic layer forms an anti-contact shield against fluids, particularly water. It’s different though because it is mainly DIY, and that it is claimed that the spray would never cause physical damage to the device.



Although the developers claim that the waterproofed iPhone can stand well against flowing water and spillages, the developers of the spray don’t specifically recommend actually submerging the waterproofed unit in water for more than a few minutes. After all, a hydrophobic spray simply serves as a preventive measure. They claim however, that one proper coating can last for about three years, which we suppose is more than enough time to replace the iPhone unit itself.

$29 pledgers will receive the bottle spray, which is good for one unit use. $39 pledgers will get the complete packaged kit. The spray should be available at least a few weeks after the funding period, which means that it would probably be available as early as the end of June or start of July this year.

Source: Kickstarter

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