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ImageShack pulls plug on hotlinking to unregistered domains

Do you make use of ImageShack's image hosting services? Well, if you do, you might want to seriously start considering moving over to other alternative image hosting services. Apparently, it seems that ImageShack has made the decision to pull the plug on hosted images that have been hotlinked to 'unregistered domains'. And we all know what that means, don't we?

Free image hosting services are a dime a dozen, so migrating over to another service should be as easy as pie, should it not? After all, the only thing one has to do is to download the entire photo album from the original hoster, extract the images from within and re-upload them into the new image hoster.

Okay, so maybe it might be a little more tedious that it sounds. However, users who often upload images to a particualar image hosting service known as ImageShack for the sole purpose of sharing them on websites or forums might want to start considering a migration to alternative services. Not because ImageShack is shutting down though: rather, this is due to a new policy implemented across ImageShack's image hosting services.

Apparently, the hoster has just recently implemented a 'registered domains' system: this policy requires that webmasters register their domains with ImageShack in order to ensure that visitors to their site can view all ImageShack-hosted images. And because no prior warning about this sudden change in policy was made to the Internet-going public, it seemed that many were caught unaware when the policy was enforced. As such, ImageShack users who have hotlinked images to unregistered domains will only see this image on the offending site:

More importantly, it appears that this issue is affecting users on a global scale, and is not just limited to users from a particular geographical region. To remedy the situation, users can either attempt to visit the link listed on the image above and register their often-visited sites with the image hosting service, or bug the webmasters of those websites to do so on their behalf. 

Of course, at this point, users can also just opt to ditch ImageShack completely and go for an alternative, no-cost image hosting service. After all, as they always say, whatever floats your boat. 

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