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Images of “official looking” white Galaxy S II smartphone surface online

The Samsung Galaxy S II is available for sale in any colour you want, as long as it is black, right? Well, that has been the case for quite some time, but it would seem that the Korean electronics giant might be taking a couple of pages out of Apple's book, especially where product choices are concerned. After all, how else would one explain the presence of what appears to be an "official-looking' image of a white Galaxy S II smartphone suddenly showing up in the depths of cyberspace?

Well, look at what we have got here. Apparently, after having witnessed how Apple is enjoying huge success with its white iPhone 4, Samsung probably thought that it would be a good idea to take a page out of Apple's book and start offering a white variant of its smartphone for sale to consumers as well. And from the looks of it, it would seem that Samsung is all set to go ahead with such a plan, especially if the images of what appears to be a white version of the Galaxy S II smartphone that have been popping up online are of any indication.

No concrete information about the white Galaxy S II's availability or pricing has been revealed at this point of time, although Engadget has claimed in its report that a UK retailer has promised its customers that the albino Galaxy S II should be ready for sale come August 15 this year, and that Samsung is also reportedly allowing consumers to sign up on their website for "more info". That being said, considering how Apple and Samsung are already locked in a certain lawsuit of sorts, it will be quite interesting to see how Apple will react to the Korean electronics giant's latest move.

Source: Engadget

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