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Images of Apple iPhone 5 leaked?

As we approach the month where the next generation iPhone (iPhone 4S or iPhone 5) is supposed to be launched, there are increasing number of rumours flooding the internet. More details inside.

The iPhone 5 website appears to be leaked in one of the YouTube videos uploaded by user "iPhone5Website" on 8th of August 2011. Features such as Dual-Core A5 chip, 8-megapixel camera, iOS5, 4.2" touchscreen 960 x 640 display, 6.2mm thickness and weight of 112g were shown in the video. Several images were also spotted in the iPhone 5's gallery. The website does look quite convincing but with so much rumours going on, it is best to take them as a pinch of salt and awaits patiently for the launch day. 

Excited fans might want to look out for this (quoted from InfoWorld), "One clue you can use reliably is to watch the inventory levels at the Apple Store. When a product's availability starts to move from 24 hours or a few days to several weeks, that's a safe bet that Apple is letting its inventory run out to make room for a new model. In fact, this is the only repeatably accurate signal of a new version's imminent release."

YouTube video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxYnuHX3LCI

*Updated 10th August 2011, 4am*  has pointed out that this video is a fake. At time 0:00 "file:///users/peter/desktop/ip­honek205/websitek20pictures/ho­me.html" was seen in the browser.

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