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ImageFORMULA DR-P208 mixes portability with productivity

The ImageFORMULA DR-P208 is one of the latest models in Canon's imageFORMULA product line of scanning peripherals. This particular model proves yet again to its users the productive potentials of highly portable and lightweight scanners.

The basic working principle of scanners haven't really changed for the past few years, and the design and application of its functions are always just modified to gradually improve overall convenience. That is why the ImageFORMULA DR-P208 may not seem that outstanding or amazing in any way. However, it may still have a few good points that you may find interesting for a modern portable scanner.

Let's first talk about it most important plus point: the size. The dimensions of the unit are set at 312 x 55.5 x 40 mm, and it weighs about 600 grams. The general form factor of the unit is comparably similar to other portable scanners such as Fujistsu's ScanSnap S1100, albeit a bit heavier and stouter in one or two sides.

Like the other Canon scanners that preceded it, the ImageFORMULA DR-P208 uses Canon's proprietary Capture OnTouch software option for Windows and Mac OS. For mobile devices using the iOS and Android operating systems, the application CaptureOnTouch Mobile may be appropriately used to provide the same software functionality. There are several regular scanning modes in this unit, which includes: black/white scanning, colored scanning, blank line skip, word recognition, end-point emphasis and moire deletion, among others.

The largest paper size that this unit can scan is A4. It uses a CIS sensor, the scanning resolution can be set at a maximum of 600dpi, and the average scanning speed (when set at 200dpi) is around 8ppm/16ipm.  It supports ADF functionality, and can handle up to 10 sheets of paper at a time. Connectivity is provided by a USB 2.0 port, but it can also be accessed wirelessly through a standard Wi-Fi network.

Of course, these portable scanners are ultimately designed for short and quick uses. They are not to be placed in line with heavy duty scanners. So while the ImageFORMULA DR-P208 may not perform at the same level as those gigantic and bulky office scanners, we can see that in terms of raw specs, its capabilities are more than sufficient enough for casual users.

The ImageFORMULA DR-P208 is slated to be released around December 2012. As for its price, there are no official announcements yet, though it would probably cost around 10,000 yen (123 USD).

Source: PCWatch (JP)

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