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IKEA’s Smart Hub is Getting a Wider Release

The furniture giant moves into home automation with a new hub.

IKEA has always been about smart and convenient solutions for your home, and now, they’re moving into home automation with a smart-lighting system. The system, called Trådlös (Swedish for wireless), launched last fall in Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy and Belgium, but during this month, the hub is getting a wider release. The system is built around the ZigBee light link standard, the same standard that Philips uses in their Hue lights.

The Trådlös system uses a core gateway hub connected to the internet via Ethernet, and then creates a local network which can interface with local lights. Like most of IKEA’s wares, the price point is highly competitive, with a package containing the gateway, remote and two bulbs running a mere SGD 120 (SEK 749). The bulbs are LED with three color temperature options, 2200K, 2700K, and 4000K, and are expected to last 25,000 hours. The bulbs come in two variant; a larger bulb for SGD 31 (199 SEK) and a smaller one for SGD 24 (149 SEK).

One of the most interesting features is a portable dimmer. The dimmer comes in the shape of a puck that you can pick up in your hand and rotate. The puck senses the motion and then dims your lights automatically. The dimmer is a standalone unit which works without the main hub, and you can pick one up with an included light for SGD 28 (179 SEK). There is also a motion sensor.

IKEA light panels

In addition to standard lights, the company also offers illuminated doors, and light panels. The light panels can be mounted on your ceiling to provide wide, ambient light without the sharpness of a bulb, and while maintaining a very low profile. These might be an indicator of how home automation might look in future IKEA lineups.

As of right now, the products are only available in the Swedish IKEA catalog, but will be launched internationally on March 31st. You can check out a demo of the dimmer puck in the commercial below:

source: The Verge

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