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Iiyama announces availability of new widescreen LCD monitors in Japan

Iiyama, a well-known manufacturer of high-end computer monitors and television sets in Japan, has announced the availability of two new LCD monitors for its domestic Japanese market under the ProLite series; the 24-nch XB2472HD-B and the 27-inch X2775HDS-B. According to the company, the new monitors have been designed to offer users a high level of quality in colour reproduction.

Iiyama may not be a very familiar brand to many outside of Japan, but the fact remains that the company is an extremely well-known in its domestic market, especially where high-end display equipment such as monitors and televisions are concerned. And apparently, users in Japan who want a high-end monitor to use on their PC are in luck, for the company has just announced the availability of its new 24-inch XB2472HD-B and the 27-inch X2775HDS-B monitors which will be sold under the ProLite banner.

According to Iiyama, both the new XB2472HD-B and X2775HDS-B make use of what the company describes as VA panel technology, which allows its monitors to achieve viewing angles that are significantly wider (up to 178 degrees horizontally and vertically) than what is typically possible on a typical LCD panel which utilizes TN technology. In addition, Iiyama also claims that both its new monitors boast an active contrast ratio of 5,000,000 : 1, although the actual contrast ratio is somewhat more modest at 3,000 : 1, while video input is achieved via VGA, DVI or HDMI.

That being said, both the XB2472HD-B and X2775HDS-B also sport various features which differentiate them from each other. For one, the 24-inch XB2472HD-B utilizes a stand which is reportedly capable of allowing users to pivot, elevate or even rotate the screen, while the 27-inch X2775HDS-B sports four USB ports for the connection of various devices and peripherals.

No details about pricing and availability for either monitor has been announced by Iiyama yet, although a popular Japanese IT website known as Itmedia has claimed that both the XB2472HD-B and X2775HDS-B should be making its way onto retail shelves in Japan sometime in the later parts of August.

Full specifications of the aforementioned monitors can be obtained at their respective product pages on Iiyama's website here and here.

Source: Iiyama via ITmedia

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