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IFA teaser reveals the secret of Samsung Technology. Spoiler alert: it’s aliens

Brace yourselves, the teasers are coming. Odder or created less to shock and more to, you know, tease, but certainly vague as they come, the IFA 2013 promos are bound to capture the headlines for the next three or four days.

Samsung teaser

Or maybe less, since for some IFA seems to be underway already. But Asus is for instance taking the time to build the hype before cutting to the chase, as is Samsung.

Only Sammy is, as usual, knee-deep in shock mode. Remember that god-awful Icelandic Galaxy S4 ad? This promo is even weirder, although it’s not necessarily as bad. Just confusing. And, you know, freakish. But let’s watch it together first.

All done? Understood anything? No? Good, because probably that’s exactly what Samsung was going for. After all, there’s no better way to get people talking about you than messing with their heads. What does it all mean? Is there a subliminal message in there? Are we missing something?

Those are only a few of the questions that will give something to ponder to a number of Samsung fans and/or haters. My friendly advice is to enjoy the clip if you can and find it the least bit amusing and don’t give it a second thought.

The first part of the video, which clearly rips off found footage horror flicks like “Paranormal Activity”, is intriguing enough, the alien suits are silly in a childishly humorous way and the message we should all take from the teaser is Samsung is readying several devices for IFA that might look like they’ve landed from outer space. Oh, look, I may have cracked the meaning of it after all.

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