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If Google is working on a Nexus smartwatch, will it look something like this? [Video]

Google has a lot of ‘experimental’ projects going at the moment, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it is, too, working on a smartwatch.  If the ‘Jack of all trades’ Google isn’t working on a smart wrist watch, then perhaps this fan concept video may give them some inspiration.

The fan video of a ‘Google Nexus smartwatch’ demonstrates the device’s ability to sync with a smartphone.  This particular concept video, however, doesn’t separate a smartwatch from smartphone, but rather a union of the two.  The smartphone watch add-on allows users to check emails, read texts, and even answer calls.

All the big tech juggernauts, which include Samsung, Sony, Microsoft and Apple, have or will develop some sort of smartwatch product.  Apple, in particular, is purported to have a team of 100+ developers working on an iWatch.  Samsung, too, has confirmed that they will launch a product to compete with Apple’s iWatch.  Sony, on the other hand, have already launched some smartwatch-ish products that haven’t exactly taken off, but at least the Japan-based tech giant is a bit ahead of the game in terms of feedback and product maturity.

Microsoft is rumored to be tapping into its supply chain in China for components that will fit their vision for a smartwatch.  So this leaves Google, but much of the focus surrounding their next ‘trendy’ product is the Google Glass, which they have already began to seed out to developers. While many other major brands are leaning toward smartwatches, Google wants to wow the world with a smartglass.

We can’t predict which product will fail and which will be a hit, but it seems like the key players in tech currently have more faith in smartwatches; which is why we’re experience an explosion of smartwatch rumors.  Plus, a smartwatch is much more easily adaptable and integrated into current mobile trends.

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