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iBuyPower unveils the Revolt 2, an eSports gaming PC

Revolt 2

iBuyPower today announced the successor to its Revolt gaming PC, the Revolt 2.

The new model claims to offer improved performance, power, and control by “rethinking the gaming desktop design from the ground up”. The result is frankly quite impressive, as the Revolt 2 looks unlike any other gaming desktop on the market today.

One of the coolest design features of the Revolt 2 is that it lets you mount the graphics card at the top, underneath a see-through window, highlighted by customizable Smart Lighting technology. There is support for 2.5 slot GPUs up to 300mm in length.

The Revolt 2 uses a mini-ITX motherboard with full ATX components. There is space inside for a 280mm liquid cooler, 2 SSDs, one HDD, and a full ATX power supply. To cater to the needs of fast-paced professional gamers, the PC offers a reliable SSD swapping system as well.

The eSports Gaming PC will be available after CES and includes lifetime technical support with a 3 year warranty.

Via: TechPowerUp

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