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IBM invests big in future technology

IBM maps out its new long term goal for the future: to eventually leave traditional microprocessing technologies forever.


Big Blue is now ready to for the next big leap, with its recent bold announcement for a project that would push through breakthrough computer technologies. Of course, any big corporate project starts with some funds, and with $3 billion already announced for its investment, it looks like IBM is now really serious to finally break Moore’s Law.

As it is currently known, there is maximum predictable limit to current computer processing speeds, mainly due to physical atomic-scale size limitations. There are already several methods that are developed to eventually bypass this limit, such as quantum computing and photonics, and these are the revolutionary technologies that IBM is going to seriously invest their $3 billion in. The primary objective is to break the 7 nm barrier, go beyond it, and to push computer technologies to the “post-silicon era” using completely new and different concepts.

Most of the concepts that will be researched and tested actually sounds very sci-fi, with ideas like neurosynaptic computing and graphene circuits thrown into the think tank. However, there will also be other more grounded breakthrough concepts that would simply be improved upon, such as carbon nanotube processors. If you want to see the complete list of tech concepts to be researched, you can go to this link.

IBM’s $3 billion grand research initiative will extend over the next five years, and will be done with the cooperation of various research institutions in the United States and Europe. So, would a workable quantum computer be feasible at the end of this decade with their research? Or would this simply end up like NASA’s previous breakthrough tech research project? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: IBM

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