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“I would still buy the phone in a heartbeat”: Huawei Showcases S’porean Support

In a press release to journalists around the country, Huawei has highlighted the continued support from its Singaporean customers “against the odds”.

The odds, off course, refer to the spate of sanctions by US-based companies and their affiliates around the world against the Chinese telecommunications giant. These were sparked off by the inclusion of Huawei into the Entity List, which are a list of companies with which which US businesses are prohibited from conducting unauthorised business. This, in turn, are the result of allegations of intellectual property concerns and allegations of the company violating sanctions against Iran.

Around the world, the panic that ensued following fears of Huawei losing access to Google, Bluetooth, SD and Intel’s products and standards caused a dip in sales. In Singapore, Huawei maintains, this hasn’t been an issue.

In the press release, entitled “Singaporean Consumers Rally Behind Huawei”, the company highlighted overwhelmingly supportive customer sentiments gathered at The PC Show that occured over the past weekend.

A Ms. Wei Ling, 31, shared that she was “not too concerned about the current situation”, that she believed “Huawei will be able to come up with a solution given their strong roots in the technology sector”.

Camera performance and battery life seem to be the main draw of Huawei handsets. Mr. Joe Lum, 46, said, “I’ve been using many other phones before but nothing quite captures the great photo quality like the Huawei phone does.”

Huawei reaffirmed its dedication to continued innovation, with 14.1% of its sales revenue invested in R&D last year, ranking fifth on the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard.

Thanking their customers, a Huawei spokesperson acknowledged them as the “backbone of our success”.

In the weeks following the news of widespread sanctions by tech vendors worldwide, Huawei has had some reprieve: Google has since given a grace period for access to their Android platform, the SD, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth alliances have reinstated their membership.

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