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i-Connect ViewX Laser Pico Projector Review


Ever wanted to harness the power of a projector and be able to display your snaps and flicks anywhere you are, but without the hassle of the weight, power and price issues that conventional projector has? In this feature, we'll take a look at a projector that is designed with the aforementioned in mind. Sporting the same size as your smartphone, how practical is this portable projector? Read on to find out.

The trend in the mobile technology universe a while back seemed to be placing camera lens that is able to record videos and snap photographs on almost everything; handphones, MP3 players, tablets etc. However, the up-and-coming trend appear to be infusing a mini-projector in your gadget, and Samsung and LG have a few phones with such option. But for those of us who do not have a smartphone that has this mobile built-in function, what can we do?

i-Connect ViewX might just be the answer for you. The i-Connect ViewX touts itself as one of the world's first to incorporate PicoP technology from Microvision which uses blue, green and red lasers to project and recreate images, instead of conventional LED bulbs. The result is sharper images and suprisingly, without the need to focus and refocus the unit; just simple plug-and-play.

You must be thinking, there must be something wrong, right? Everything just sound too good to be true from a product matching the size of your smartphone. Well, you're right. But before we go any further, here are the technical specification:-

  • Resolution: WVGA (848×480)
  • Brightness: 15 Lumens
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
  • Contrast Ratio: >5000: 1
  • Throw Ratio: 1:1
  • Image Size: 150mm-2500mm
  • Charging port: microUSB
  • Battery Life: 90 minutes

Connectivity Options:

  • VGA Dock – PC, Notebooks.
  • Apple Connectivity Cable – iPod, iPhone, iPad.
  • Composite Cable – Mobile Phone, Camera.

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