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Hydragun Review: The 3,200RPM Sports Therapy Gun For Everyone

Hydragun review in Singapore

Whether it’s your daily run, weekly spin sessions or even yoga, HIIT and pole classes, keeping fit and active is not only healthy – it’s also pretty trendy. But desk-bound and sedentary, it’s hard to keep up impressive running pace counts and super-frequent spin studio IG Stories for the clout.

The Hydragun is a sleek, well-built piece of tech. Image: Ian Ling

Also called fascial guns and percussion massagers, massage guns like Hydragun were once the domain of professional athletes, but have worked their way into the hands of regular consumers like you and me.

And it’s for good reason: instead of the expensive and time-consuming ritual of going for massages, massage guns represent a one-time investment for you to pick up and hammer your muscle knots away to your heart’s content.

Hydragun build and first impressions

What’s in the box. Image: Hydragun

Out of the box, you’ll get the gun itself, six attachments and the power brick – along with a carrying case for easy portability.

The case stores the gun, attachments and charging brick, and has an elastic pouch for additional ointments and other knick-knacks. Image: Ian Ling

SGD 399 is a hefty price to pay for a gadget with a sole function to massage, but once in your hand, it’s pretty clear what your money gets you. Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminium, the Hydragun is a hefty, solid tool that inspires confidence.

The professional-looking packaging also makes it an ideal gift for active loved ones. Image: Hydragun

Using the Hydragun

Once in your hand, your first choice is an exciting one: which attachment should you start with? With a choice of three plastic, two metal-tipped and one softer foam ball, it can be quite a tough decision.

The 6 attachments that will come with your device. Image: Hydragun

Each of the six attachments have tips that are specifically designed for a different muscle group, but I’d advise starting with the foam ball. It’s the softest tool in the box, and accidental contact with bony areas won’t hurt as much with it.

Hydragun does assure users that massaging bony areas won’t cause damage, but it can still be rather bone-rattlingly uncomfortable.

At over 1KG, the Hydragun is hefty but the weight helps to maintain a stable grip despite the strong vibrations. Image: Ian Ling

While it works as a nifty tool for sore necks and aching backs, its main purpose is threefold:

  • Pre-exercise, 30-second massages for each muscle group can be paired with stretches to activate muscles and increase flexibility.
  • Between sets, 15-second sessions to minimise fatigue.
  • After workouts, a longer 2-minute massage to eliminate DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

DOMS usually manifests as a constant, long-lasting ache that starts 24-72 hours after intense physical activity, and is caused by eccentric-exercise-induced muscle damage. Put simply, DOMS usually affects your ability to recover quickly, making you compromise on your exercise regime.

The metal-tipped attachment in slow-mo. Image: Ian Ling

In reviving my pre-COVID-19 exercise regime, I’ve been trying to consistently run distances between 7-10KM once or twice a week. Where keeping pace after missing a session used to mean trouble ascending stairs the next day, short 10-minute massages with the Hydragun has eliminated any aches in the following days.

These massages have also been useful in improving overall performance. By recovering faster, I’ve been able to build momentum in terms of my running pace with more frequent and more intense runs.

There’s in fact a whole host of massage guides on the Hydragun Blog – easy-to-follow instructions that will help you get the most out of your massage gun.

The attachments fit into the socket of the Hydragun snugly via rubber gaskets. Image: Ian Ling

Admittedly, for mildly-active office rats like myself, the main draw of such a tool would be getting a partner to hold it against your back and shoulders for a potent massage after a long day tensed up at work.

But given the rising popularity of these gadgets, there’s a good selections of alternatives on the market. Hydragun has clearly set itself apart with its solid build quality and its wide selection of attachments. Its heft keeps it stable to efficiently deliver up to 3,200 RPM of percussive power straight to your muscles.

The charging port on the base of the handle of the Hydragun. Image: Ian Ling

You’ll also be able to 6 hours of battery life on a charge, which should last for ages since Hydragun recommends each session to last 10-20 mins, around 2-3 times a day.

Is the Hydragun worth it?

Percussive muscle gun massagers are a dime a dozen – you can find budget options in Singapore from SGD 21.90 all the way to SGD 899 for the OG that popularised the gadget – the Theragun Pro.

The Hydragun and attachments arranged in the included carrying case. Image: Ian Ling

At SGD 399, the Hydragun positions itself in the sweet spot of the price range as a premium yet accessible product. With a 1.5-year warranty, you’ll also enjoy free delivery for Singapore orders within 1-2 days (flat USD 20 fee for international orders with 7-9 day delivery).

It’s also worth stating that it isn’t just a massage gun – it’s a percussive massager. While cheaper “massage guns” use generic consumer-grade motors for shallow muscle stimulation, Hydragun more deeply stimulates muscles.

The Hydragun in the hand. Image: Ian Ling

The verdict? The Hydragun is comparably priced with similar products in the market, but Singaporeans might appreciate that it’s a local company – in addition to its fully-featured set of accessories, commendable build and sleek presentation.

Sporty users regularly involved in a whole host of sports from yoga, spinning and weight lifting will definitely appreciate the improved muscle recovery with use of such a product. But equally, many everyday users will benefit from having a professional tool handy for a deep massage when aches and pains strike.

Limited to the first 20 customers: Quote VRZONE50 when checking out at the Hydragun website for SGD50 off the HYDRAGUN!

Ian Ling
Ian is the resident Tech Monkey and Head of Content at VR Zone. His training in Economics and Political Science is at the basis of his love for journalism and storytelling. A photographer by passion, and an audiophile by obsession, Ian is captivated by all forms of tech that makes enthusiasts tick.

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  1. Pman

    But can it beat the Hitachi magic wand,,,,,,,, only the girls can tell 😉

  2. Glad you like it. We have been using this for several weeks now and it seems to be going nicely.

  3. This is a premium massage gun that delivers premium performance. With 6 different massage heads 6 speeds, long battery life and a quiet motor it’s hard to look past the HYDRAGUN. It has a modern aesthetic, fantastic build quality and excellent tactile controls.

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  12. Melanie

    I’ve been using a massage gun for about a year, so I thought I’d leave a comment. I’m an active runner and tennis player. When I first started using the massager, it was instantly game-changing because I was able to find and work out tons of knots in my legs and lower back. Since then, I use it more in “maintenance mode” when I have those sore areas developing, and I also use it to promote circulation to warm up before exercise or recover afterward. So if you have muscle knots it can make a very quick, large improvement, and otherwise, it’s helpful but doesn’t provide any major changes or relief. Overall still very worthwhile and I use it regularly even after a year.
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