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HWBOT and Gigabyte Launch Spring Extreme Competition on February 15


Continuing in the tradition of overclocking competitions, overclocking enthusiast community HWBOT is launching a new competition, this time sponsored by Gigabyte.

Following the winter break, HWBOT is kicking off the 2012 competition season with Gigabyte's Spring Extreme Competition.

The competition is divided into four stages, without any regional restrictions. First stage is Wprime 32M, followed by SuperPI 32M, PiFast and PCMark05 as the final, fourth stage. As you can see beside the PCMark05 which has a GPU component, the benchmarks are heavily CPU bound – neatly leaving the graphics part out of equation. This should defer the squabble between AMD Radeon 7000 series and the upcoming GeForce 600 series for some time.

Competition is points-based, thus you will probably need to aim as high as possible in all four competitions, with the theoretical 40 points being the maximum score – first place is awarded with 10, second with 8, third with 6 points and so on.

These are all informations disclosed at press time. HWBOT and Gigabyte will disclose further information on February 14, one day before the competition kicks off. There is no information will this competition last until Intel's Ivy Bridge processors make an appearance or not (April 8) so it's a wait and see game.

For those that wish to participate, the only thing they need to do is register on HWBOT and respect the rules of the competition.

Six more days to go…

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