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Hushme is the Weirdest Technology that Lets You Have Private Conversations

Meet the world’s first voice mask for mobile phones, Hushme. This strange neckband-style wireless headphone is a device that is built to muffle your conversations, and did I mention? It has integrated earbuds to be used as headphones too.

To activate conversation muffling, you enter “masking mode” by activating your app. To make things more fun, the free app lets you overlay masking sounds onto your very own voice. Subsequently, these masking sounds, which can be produced by an external speaker on the outside of the headphone, can make your voice really interesting. These overlays can add on the sound of wind, rain, monkey, squirrels and movie characters such as Minion, R2D2 and of course, most importantly, Darth Vader. That’s right, you can say “I am your father” to feed your fanboy fantasies.


The engineers behind the Hushme project are from Ukraine, but their company is based in the USA. Hushme is planning to run a crowdfunding campaign some time later this year and it will expect the headphones to cost under $200.

Sure, the Hushme headphones can be used like regular ones on the go, but their target audience are probably folks in open-office environments who would cherish some on-demand privacy. To send a signal, Hushme might actually also be a good present for annoying co-workers who have loud voices and just can’t take it down a notch.

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