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Hungry? Take a bite of the bread n’ eggs iPhone case

Stop, don’t take a bite yet. This sunny-side up egg n’ bread combo might look scrumptious, but you are actually looking at an iPhone 5 case.


That’s right. This toasted bread and eggs-themed iPhone 5 case is actually a joint venture between OH! HameeTV!, a Japanese online store that specializes in smartphone-related items, and AppBank, a Japanese iOS app introduction and review website. It is currently distributed as a commemorative/promotional item, to be particularly distributed to regular patrons and visitors of both websites.

Some of you may have already heard of the lucrative business in Japan of creating fake foods for restaurants to present and exhibit. Well, we can see that this iPhone case takes the exact same concept, and here the cross-sectional area of the bread n’ eggs case is even studded with detail as if it was the real thing.



The dimensions of the bread n’ eggs iPhone 5 case is 125 x 65 x 41mm. This makes the entire unit look quite bigger than other standard iPhone 5 cases, and the actual unit seems like it is only “strapped” at the back. There are two versions to choose from, the right and the left side version. You can even combine the two separate cases to form the complete sandwich, egg yolk and all, though it might just look more scrumptious.

Obviously you won’t get as much points in functionality for this kind of smartphone case, but the bread n’ eggs iPhone 5 case certainly wins points on uniqueness. The product is currently available at the Hamee TV and AppBank online stores for 3,990 yen (41 USD).

Source: ITMedia (JP)

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